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To sum up, Kapstone Academics is more than just a tutoring firm.

Not only does our team consist of experienced consultants whose qualifications don’t just include top marks – like for the GMAT; they also blend a modern teaching structure with industry experience in the fields of Banking and Finance. As a result, our service is a turnkey consulting practice, and our area of impact starts with you on day one, with application planning, bolstering of your grades throughout the academic cycle, and strengthening of your employability, to prepare you for the career you aspire to.

All in all, we cover all aspects of the GMAT examination, MBA core courses, CFA Lv 1, 2 &3, GRE (verbal and quant) and some Royal Roads courses, then we can help you look for and prep for that awesome job/career!

Therefore, Kapstone consultants work with you to improve your skills. First of all, students come to Kapstone Academics with a wide range of scores. Considering this, don’t stress, whether you’re a first timer or a repeat test taker, our consultants will create a custom plan to maximize success.

“After completing the Oxford GMAT Prep course, I decided to take a tutor for my GMAT prep. At that time, I realized I had a lot of “re-learning” to do and felt a tutor was my best option. Being that I was referred to Dave through Oxford, I found him very easy to connect with and was comfortable working with him immediately. Moreover, he was able to identify my weaknesses and provided me with strategies to solve the problems. Hence, we focused mainly on the quantitative section. As a result, I was extremely pleased with the experience I had working with Dave and would recommend his service to future GMAT students.”

Finally, we are here to help you achieve your goals, all while trying to have a but of fun whilst getting there!