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The MBA doesn’t need to be a harrowing experience.  We distill the process and prepare you for every facet of it, from admissions, tutoring, career guidance and interview prep. The goal isn’t just an admission, but a career plan.

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Business School Admissions

Kapstone can help you get get into the Business School of your dreams. Our students get admitted to the top schools around the globe, prepared to succeed in their respective programs.

Graduate Tutoring & Current Students

Kapstone Academics is a partnership of business professionals who have been in Admissions and Academic Consulting since 2006, helping graduate students in their studies.

Networking & Career Guidance

Kapstone Academic Consultants are real world professionals that mentor and work with students to set career goals and network to set their careers up right from the start.

FUN FACT: Business School Admission Criteria

Did you know that business schools look for a variety of factors when they consider your admissions application to their MBA or other business masters program? On average, the below metrics are important items to prioritize when writing your application (which Kapstone can expertly help you with).

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Past Work Experience

GMAT Score

Admissions Essay


Past Work Experience

GMAT Score

Admissions Essay


Kapstone Consultants are experts in a variety of business subjects. They specialize in the following and more:

Optimal valuation and allocation of assets and liabilities over time. Price assets based on their risk level and their expected rate of return.

Key Point: Time Value of Money.

Did you Know: We help achieve higher employability in financial services by providing CFA help from our experienced consultants. We ensure that learnings are connected to applications in the industry.

Studies how entities make choices on allocating limited resources to satisfy their unlimited wants.

Key Point: Interaction of Supply and Demand.

Systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions  summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions.

Key Point: Cash Flow vs Accrual Accounting.

Collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data. Studies can be experimental or observational.
Key Point: Normal Distributions and Standard Deviations.

Admissions Consulting Pricing 

We believe in shared-commitment. Our greatest incentive is to get you prepped efficiently. No wasting of your time and money. As such, the longer you require our services, the cheaper they become.

Our incentive program includes free hours for referrals*, and savings for group sessions** the bigger the groups, the bigger the savings!
*on completion of a 2 hour session, the referrer will receive 1 free hour of consulting
** two or more students are a group session

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