About Kapstone Academics

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About Kapstone Academics

More than just MBA Admissions.

Our team consists of experienced consultants whose qualifications don’t just include top marks; they also blend a modern teaching structure with industry experience in the fields of Banking and Finance. The result is a turnkey consulting practice, and our area of impact starts with you on day one, with application planning, bolsters your grades throughout the academic cycle, and strengthens your employability, to prepare you for the career you aspire to.

Did You Know

Here are some fun facts about the GMAT and how Kapstone consultants work with you to improve it. Students come to Kapstone Academics with a wide range of scores. Don’t stress, whether you’re a first timer or a repeat test taker, our consultants will create a custom plan to maximize GMAT success.

Typical Score BEFORE Kapstone
Typical Score AFTER Kapstone

How much will my GMAT score increase by?

Typically a student’s score will increase 70 points, however, some even cracked 100+ points. But like any other statistic, there are many variables to this equation: the initial knowledge, work ethic and discipline of the student. 

How much time should I prep for the GMAT? 

From experience, a 3 month prep period needs to be planned to reach the student’s full potential and achieve a higher score. If you are stuck at a score, not to worry, as you now have Kasptone’s ability to emphatically read off each student to understand their pain point(s) and help them break their plateau to achieve a higher score…

But time is my #1 enemy during the exam!

Kapstone holds ‘SpeedMath’ sessions that are built to teach students ways to breeze though questions with the use of ‘ninja moves’.

Meet Your Tutors

Kapstone Academics tutors are one of a kind. They are Rotman MBA graduates, indsutry professionals, CFA charterholders,
and are connected to B-School Admission Advisors and top business Professionals.
Oh, and did we mention they’re GMAT hall-of-famers?


Head Consultant

  • English | French

  • Rotman MBA Graduate

  • 750 GMAT Score



  • English | French

  • Rotman MBA Graduate

  • 690 GMAT Score