Math & Social Club

For students with Asperger’s /
High Functioning Autism in grades 6-12

Addressing Educational and Social needs

Just like any other kids, students on the ASD spectrum (ex: Asperger’s / High Functioning Autism) thrive in an atmosphere of acceptance and support.  Structured teaching strategies such as frequent breaks,  sensory activities, visual prompts and clear communication can help students realize their full potential. Our team of professionals with expertise in math and special education can help your child not only excel academically but also develop friendships – and more importantly, a sense of belonging and self-respect.

Kapstone + Math & Social Club

for all students with Asperger’s / High Functioning Autism in grades 6-12

Academic Success and Social Connections

  • Core math concepts, small group setting,
    tailored homework support
  • Group assignment by age/need,
    max 4 students per tutor
  • Integration of social and sensory activities to ensure an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere and to facilitate social connections

Convenient Timeline, Location & Costs

  • 90-minute sessions on Mondays after school
    (time slot TBC)
  • Classes held at Cube School of Technology
    @ 2195 Gerrard Street East,
    steps from Danforth Go and
    Main Street subway station
  • $800+HST for 12 sessions (under $45/hour)

Meet Dave, our lead tutor

  • Our Lead Tutor and Head of Academic Services Dave del Burgo  has 13+ years of professional experience in teaching advanced math, finance, economics, admissions consulting and standardized exam prep to hundreds of students
  • Dave makes breakthroughs with the unique ability to break down highly complex subjects into easy-to-understand concepts
  • Our special education tutors bring years of experience teaching kids with learning differences

Let’s get started today!

Kapstone Academics

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  • 416-500-8085

"Not only was David very professional and truly cared about what my end goal was, he was able to get me there as efficiently as possible. I was feeling much more confident with the material and found that his methods were far better than any other experiences I had had such as quick weekend seminars and "learn-it-yourself" books. More over, Dave taught me how to think like the exam creators and how to tackle the though questions. My GMAT score improved by 150 points from the initial score I received. Finally, we worked together on my resume format to land my current position as a Commercial Finance Controller at a large international corporation."

Nina S.


"Once I reached out to David and Kapstone Academics, I was in need of GMAT prep and had very little time to do so. Not only did David create a custom plan to get my test taking abilities up to par, but he did so with a schedule to accommodate my tight timeline and demanding work schedule. For one thing, his patience, organization and know-how made a lot of the concepts and questions easy to understand. Happy to say that I was accepted to my desired business school - only needing to take the exam once!"

Lena S., MBA candidate, Schulich Shool of Business and Automotive Marketing Consultant


"Above all, Dave has a unique ability to identify weaknesses and offer strategies to achieve admissions goals. He really cares about his clients and is a blast to work with. As a result, Dave took my GMAT score from a 30th percentile to an 80th percentile by motivating me to stay dedicated and providing me with the tools to succeed. In addition, he also prepared me for the interview and application process which got me into my dream school. I'd recommend him to anyone considering an MBA or other graduate program. Hes one of the elite consultants out there."
Stefan Fernando, Rotman MBA Candidate


"David has a very methodological way of tackling the GMAT. He is superb at identifying weakness' and working to improve them. Having self studied for a few months before taking on David's help, we did not have to waste class time working on subjects I was already comfortable with. For these reasons, I highly recommend David's services to anyone having trouble obtaining their target GMAT score. Initially I was scoring in the mid to high 600's when I started with David and ended with a 730."


"Amazing experience with David. He helped me write my GMAT in 3 weeks and get in a top business school. In spite of being 4000km away, we held regular Skype sessions. With shared documents, David provides a visual framework to diagnose your level and identifies priorities to work on. More than that, he really helps you build confidence. "
Nicholas Bergeron


"Dave helped me out with preparations to my GMAT test in 2012. Coupled with being very professional and friendly, Dave has this unique ability to identify personal weaknesses and strengths. From this he is able to focus on them to achieve results. He not only knew the GMAT requirements but also had a great understanding of all kinds of programs offered by schools requiring the GMAT test. Moreover, he was a big help with personal advice on how to behave and how to adjust your personal expression and attitude to be more acceptable and shine in the eyes of the people you want to talk to. Other than professionalism Dave offers great flexibility when it comes to time, location and other teaching arrangements. Finally, Dave provides casual and informal atmosphere and knows how to make you comfortable during the session so you can focus on the material and forget about everything else."
Jarek M.


"Studying with David was great! I would not be in business school now without him. After all, he knows the GMAT inside and out. "
Robyn Gerry,Former visual strategy manager for FGL. Current: Sauder school of business, MBA candidate 2018

"I definitely recommend Dave to anyone looking at gaining an advantage at writing the GMAT, and the MBA application process. [...] Dave was able to teach me alternative ways of thinking about a problem, and made me aware that I need to be ready to attack a problem in a number of ways. Not only is he always encouraging and maintains a wonderfully positive energy throughout the session, Dave always makes himself available for followup questions, I always received email replies quickly. Hence, I look forward to working with him on my MBA applications."
Arsalan T.


"Dave is personable and quite knowledgeable about the GMAT. As a tutor, Equally important, Dave immediately made me feel comfortable, and unlike other tutors, like I could ask him virtually anything about math without being judged. Therefore, I developed a confidence in my mathematics that I've never seen before. Also, Dave tuned into my particular learning style and helped me understand math with both visual and verbal cues. Finally. I found that Dave was accessible and flexible with his time periods."
Lindsay B.


"I decided to take a tutor for my GMAT prep after completing the Oxford GMAT Prep course. At that time, I realized I had a lot of “re-learning” to do and felt a tutor was my best option. Being that I was referred to Dave through Oxford, I found him very easy to connect with and was comfortable working with him immediately. In fact, he was able to identify my weaknesses and provided me with strategies to solve the problems. We focused mainly on the quantitative section. I was extremely pleased with the experience I had working with Dave and would recommend his service to future GMAT students."
Elaine G.


“Dave was my MBA application advisor. First, I decided to do an MBA and had 4 target schools in mind. Then Dave helped me to categorize my experience and skillsets with a clear structure, and used them to tailor my application to each school (i.e. cover letter and interview materials). Likewise, Dave’s advice were combinations of past experience and up-to-date information, they were strategically aligned with each school’s culture and appetite. Under Dave’s guidance, I ended up receiving and accepting an offer from the Queen’s MBA.”


“Post-MBA, I worked closely with Dave on over 10 cover letters for job applications. Hence, for each cover letter, Dave was extremely thoughtful and tactical with every paragraph, every sentence, and every word. Dave has exceptional writing skills that he was able to gracefully present all my ideas. Throughout the process, my writing skills significantly improved simply by looking at Dave’s recommendations and comments. With those cover letters, I landed interviews with 4 consulting firms, 2 banks, and 1 telecom. Therefore, I would recommend anyone to have Dave as their cover letter advisors, including native English speakers.”
Brian W., Advanced Analytics at Bell


“During the MBA, I applied to over 15 jobs and I had interviews with 8 of them. For one thing, Dave worked with me on preparing for each of those interviews. Then, during the preparations, Dave was tremendously observant and was quick to come up with applicable and specific recommendations (e.g. posture, talking speed, structure). Moreover, Dave understood some of my old habits would take more time to change, therefore, he designed multiple step-by-step approaches to increase the effectiveness of my improvements. Despite having just 2 years of work experience, with Dave’s assistance and support, I landed a Manager role at the Bell Advanced Analytics team 3 months before I graduated from the MBA. I am very thankful to have Dave as my mentor, he definitely sped up my job searching process and enormously polished my interview skills. All of his clients are fortunate to have him around.”
Brian W., Advanced Analytics at Bell


"Amazing teacher. Not only did David improved my GMAT score by 120 points all thanks to his amazing explanation style and way of teaching, there was no need to spend thousands on the big companies. Additionally,
Dave can give you an even better and more personal/tailored experience for a lower price.
Thanks a lot Dave!"
Manmeet M.

"Coupled with Dave's has a unique ability to identify weaknesses and offer strategies to achieve admissions goals, he really cares about his clients and is a blast to work with. Not only did Dave took my GMAT score from a 30th percentile to an 80th percentile by motivating me to stay dedicated and providing me with the tools to succeed, he also prepared me for the interview and application process which got me into my dream school. I'd recommend him to anyone considering an MBA or other graduate program. He's one of the elite consultants out there."
Stefan Fernando, Rotman MBA Candidate


“I had Dave as my GMAT tutor for 3 months. Above all, Dave set up a detailed study schedule for me from the get-go and worked with me closely on debriefing mock exams and question sets. Moreover, he is extremely patient, and was brilliant at understanding the root causes of my mistakes. Then used easy-to-understand methodologies to explain complex concepts. Furthermore, he paid close attention to my exam-writing habits and recommended adjustments accordingly. After 3 months of intensive part-time training, I was successful in my first GMAT attempt and received an offer from the one of the top 2 MBA programs in Canada. I highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to make an instant improvement on their GMAT score.”
Brian W., Advanced Analytics at Bell


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